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Epoxy Pu Specialist

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Epoxy & PU Flooring Best Service in Bangladesh

With our vast experienced dynamic team in flooring field we just focus on our Excellency in epoxy flooring, pu flooring, floor hardening system and also water proofing system with roof top both of torched down modified bituminous membrane and liquid product. that we are more professional to deal with the issues in inspection. And our engineers are all have more than ten years experience in flooring inspections business.

We are the specialist for industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems in Bangladesh. We use world famous Epoxy and Polyurethane resin companies USA, Malaysia, Thailand & German Products. If you think your next or previous projects floor will be Hygienic, Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Anti Corrosive, Dust Free, Solvent Free, High Chemical Resistant, Hard Wearing, Aesthetically Attractive, High Glossy, Seamless, Joint less, Easy to Clean and Economical. Please contact to Epoxy PU Specialist Eng. Suruzaman they will be happy to meet your enquiry. We offer very competitive price. Quality products and services is our passion.
Epoxy coatings will create a shiny high gloss surface. The brightness of an area with epoxy floor can be increased by 200%. It offers a hard wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Epoxy floors are really fast and easy to install. It is Durable and easy to clean. Ideal for warehouses and industrial applications, and sometimes no paint is required over the epoxy finishing. Resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes super clean and will create a seamless surface. Epoxy floor, when applied properly can last several years. It can be combined with paints and colors to mask off chips and cracks. Provide a chemically resistant surface ideal for manufacturing plants. Epoxy floors offer enhanced safety by creating an anti-slip surface, heat, and fire resistant solution to concrete floors. Different patterns can be combined to create driveways and/or identify walk able areas. Prevent wear and tear on the existing concrete floor. Epoxy floors are considered environmentally friendly solutions. Some of the products used can also be combined with self-leveling products that can be applied over new or old concrete. Require little or no major maintenance.

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